The future of mobile is being redefined. Today’s mobile is “going smart”.​​

Mobile computing, smartphone and tablet markets are nearing saturation.

Cognitive Internet media, Software as a Service (SaaS), targeted behavioural advertising and the Internet of Things (IoT) are emerging as the next transformation in today’s media and communications landscape.

​Keeping pace with these changes is the key to survival.
The Cognitive DynamicMedia Cloud propels your media related applications into the “smart” universe, uncovering your business potential, greatly improving profitability, user engagement and retention.

It connects you, your content and your audience within a collective, socially engaging “grand cloud” formed within the ever expanding, ever changing Internet.

Utilizing advanced cognitive capabilities, deep learning and chaos information processing, it never stops "learning", "thinking" and working to improve your content relevance, business profitability, reliability, QoS (Quality of Service) and ARPU (Average Revenue Per User).

​The Cognitive DynamicMedia Cloud is specifically designed to immerse your audience in an array of new, fully synchronized visual and audio sensory experiences, tailored to suit individual preferences.

Immersive Beaming
Well beyond lightning fast music and video downloads
Much more than full fidelity streaming, with or without wifi.

Enabled API 

Think there’s no profit to be made in digital music streaming?

                 DynamicMedia Processor
  • CD/HD Quality
    • Encoding
    • Decoding
    • DM Container 
  • Content Recognition
    • General 
    • Advanced
  • Fluid Sync
    • Internal Objects
    • External Events
      • Video
      • Sill Image
      • Dynamic Slide
      • 3D Image
      • Audio
      • Links
    • Noise Immune
    • Proximity Initiated
    • Cross Networked
    • AFS
  • Phantom data Engine
    • Dynamic Metadata
    • Karaoke/play along
    • Lyrics
    • Music score
    • Dual Stem Mode
      • DSM
      • SDSM
    • ​Multi Stem Mode
      • ​MSM
      • SMSM
  • ​​Sonic Steganography
Let DynamicMedia lower your expenditures while simultaneously improving quality and reliability of your service, and providing your customers with the highest fidelity, even over mobile networks.

Think there’s no way to raise the value of your media content?

Let the power of the cognitive DynamicMedia Cloud infuse your artistic creation with an array of revenue generating user “smartFunctions”.

Think over the air radio can not be interactive?

Let the Cognitive Media Cloud increase your audience by transforming your customers from just listening,
to a new world of interactive, cutting-edge, immersive experiences that generate new profits.
                           DynamicMedia Cloud
  • Dynamic Peering Node
    • StaticLink
    • DynamicLink
    • Cloud assisted delivery
    • smartCaching
  • ​​​​Zero Force Connectivity
    • ​Me Mode
    • ​My Circle Mode
    • The World Mode
  • Data Multiplexing 
  • Personal Music Cloud
    • Enable
    • Disable
  • Instant Music Connect
    • Browse
    • Playbalck
    • Social Listening
    • Synchronization
  • Dynamic Playlist
  • smartMix
  • smartAlbum
  • AutoFavorites
  • Notification
  • Social Networking

Think there’s no solution to congested radio bandwidth and unreliable service costing you customers?

Let the DynamicMedia Cloud show you the power of "congestive interference” as a “big plus” and not a minus.

Think effective content and business promotion is expensive?

                      SmartMedia Repository
  • Content ID
  • Peering Set
  • smartFunction Permissions
    • Full Fidelity Experience
    • Coherent Video
    • Coherent Lyrics
    • Play/Sing Along
    • Coherent Sheet Music
    • Music Driven Slide
    • Dynamic Metadata
  • Quality Grade
    • Low
    • Low-Mid
    • Mid
    • Mid-High
    • High
    • Full Fidelity Experience
Let the DynamicMedia Cloud do the promoting without draining your pocket book. It’s as simple as targeting your audience and geo-location.

Think hi fidelity music is too costly?

DynamicMedia delivers high fidelity music to mobile devices at low fidelity bandwidth costs, without service interruption, even in congested areas.
                                 MediaToll analytics
  • Data Tunneling Service​
    • Account Registration
    • Account Discharge
    • Acount Restictions
    • Node discharge
    • Node Status
    • Node Registratioin
  • Onwership rights Mgmt
    • ​Licensing
    • Price policy
    • Geo- border
    • Geo - fencing
  • Big Data Mining
    • Individual
    • Community
    • Financial
    • Marketing
    • Technical​

Think your favourite Media Service isn’t smart enough?

Ask them to “get smarter" with cognitive DynamicMedia Cloud real-time predictive analysis, deep learning, superior functions and services.


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BetaTest Program

Demo Applications Available
Our brilliant scientific and IT “dream team" have spent over 650,000 hours developing theoretical principals and diligently working with our music, media, software, audio engineering and business experts to develop new infrastructure and complete coding of fully functional iOS applications that demonstrate the extreme power and scalability of ​​​​​​​​GH’s Cognitive DynamicMedia Cloud.

If you are serious about empowering your business with Dynamic Cloud advantages and services, you will be asked to pay a pre-licensing fee when requesting applications* for installations on your mobile device to ensure you are paired with the best GH professionals to work with you in defining and addressing your market area and business needs & benefits.
​* The apps are for test purposes only and distributed in approximate priority within your market region. We will not hold your pre-licensing fee separately nor in an escrow or trust fund, We will not pay any interest on your pre-licensing payment. Your request and installation is not transferable or assignable to another party without the prior written consent of General Harmonics Corp.









Enable your business with
cognitive DynamicMedia Cloud APIs

Tap into the unlimited power of media information processing.
The cognitive DynamicMedia Cloud offers a variety of APIs to advance your app or platform with powerful new ways to monetize modern Internet connectivity and social interactivity .

“Forging partnerships with businesses in transformation.”
Science -
the Name of the Game
These elements combine to offer the world’s most efficient, flexible, scaleable and evolutionary next-generation unified system for media representation, transfer, monetization, synchronized media, immersive user experiences, and social connectivity driven by cognitive analysis, deep learning and big data. 
GH’ proprietary Cognitive Media Analysis employs modern principals of brain modelling, chaos information processing and artificial and cognitive intelligence, whereby a ​​​​​​​​digital matrix representing the analog signal is analyzed as a set of time-, frequency-, amplitude- and information value- localized objects in a 4-dimensional space.

This set of objects contains both static and constantly changing elements that evolve during the course of the composition. By using a time-frequency-amplitude neural net of modulated digital oscillators, these structures are then approximated by synthesized signals having an integral "information value" equal to the information value with acceptable deviation calculated for the original. This is the patented process that enables the brain to perceive the newly generated signal as the original.

Using this method, harmonic structures are discovered, identified and classified based on their information values and stored in a special “data helix-type wrapper” which are then utilized to create an array of innovative user experiences we call “smartFunctions”. This process enables precise identification points to be isolated within any harmonically constructed signal, including audio files, which further enables different types of media to be precisely synchronized to the music as it plays.

Cognitive Intelligence is involved at every moment in the processing and creation of DynamicMedia digital music representations and resulting multi-media user experiences, much like the “multiple hands” in this innovative video, “Kodama” by 20syl  excerpt, create a synchronized, multi-layered, multi-media experience.

The DynamicMedia processor is at the core of the cognitive DynamicMedia Cloud. The Processor can be viewed as an “extremely sophisticated fractal-like” sound object re-synthesis system which offers an unprecedented array of multi-waveform “harmonic generators” with “intelligent” small step pitch envelopes, plus similarly “intelligent” volume envelopes, phase inverters and amplifiers.

During re-synthesis, the output is passed through multi-mode filters where adjustable 'intelligent' modulators enable the manipulation of parameters until the regenerated sound becomes sonically undistinguishable from the original.

Thus, rather than employing a “single model” to analyze and recreate all the sounds presented to it, the DynamicMedia Processor neural net (a form of brain-like processing) creates unique and individual models for each component of every sample. The Processor then generates an evolving set of multiple models using “evolution” algorithms that “morph” smoothly from one into the next.
Helping  shape Internet Media Innovations


Unique APIs
Unique APIs
Unique APIs
Whether looking to advance your artistic creation, empower your media related business or advance your communications network, social or gaming platform, please describe your business to us before requesting beta test application(s) or paying any pre-licensing fee. We will try our best to reply within 24 hours. Space is limited.
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